Food Poisoning Prevention Marble UV Light Device

UV Light is being used to kill bacteria in water filtration applications. It works so well many sewer treatment plants are using huge units to clear bacteria out of the water prior to allowing it to re-enter the ground water, river or ocean. Hospitals have also used UV light to kill bacteria, there are indeed so many applications for such technologies. Perhaps we ought to look into a small marble sized battery operated UV light Device. One, which can be ingested in the case of unwanted bacteria in the stomach.

The small marble size device will pass thru the entire system into the stool, cleaning as it goes. Then the patient can merely eat some yogurt and other various things to put the good bacteria back into the system. I propose that the marble sized unit UV light flash a the best cycle for good bacteria and/or the worst cycle for bad bacteria. Ranges near or at 5-8 Hz.

There are many super small batteries, which can be used and the unit could be as small as an M & M candy or could be ingested with many of these little guys at a time on a relatively empty stomach. It will clean out the stomach, small intestines, large intestines and the colon using this UV light. It could be a very simple process and very inexpensive. Although it may not sound all too pretty the units could be used over and over again, by washing them in a set of small plastic containers and shaking them up. Similar to the old contact lenses; Saline solution and/or rubbing alcohol and then rinsing, turn them on and re-use or trade back into the doctors office for official service, recharging of batteries and complete sterilization. If you would like a more complete report on my idea, contact me.

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