Commonsense winemaking - storing partially full wine bottlesThis question came from a consumer but it has obvious benefit for professional winemakers who need to store tasting samples in part-full bottles for several days.

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What's Cooking; Getting figgy, storing herbs, summer bounty tales…Kim O'Donnel: Hello August, goodbye summer. The only solace in the changing of the seasons is that produce is in high gear at the moment. Jewels of the earth are everywhere -- tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, stringbeans, melons, peaches, plums

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Vastly Vinitech: the grandest wine tradeshow - Bordeaux, France; exhibition for enology and viticultureEvery second year thousands of wine professionals from all over the world gather at the Bordeaux-Lac center in Bordeaux, France, to attend Vinitech, the leading international exhibition for enology and viticulture.

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Rare vintage: a proper wine cellar requires more than just rows of racks - Products/State of the ArtEducated wine collectors know that it takes much more than a few racks in a room to safely preserve fine wine so that it appreciates in value. It takes knowledge of how to achieve and maintain the conditions that allow wine to age properly without spoiling.

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Wine demands are building buildings - growing demand by wineries for more space for processing and storing wine

The growing demand for premium varietal wines has wineries scrambling for more space for processing and storing wine. Crush, tank storage and case and barrel storage areas are being expanded.

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Wine & Health

Wine, alcohol and health research: an in-depth look

Every month, new, valid research findings on alcohol, health and social issues are being published in peer-reviewed journals.
Buy, sell or hold: wine country real estate trends

Kendall-Jackson To Sell 900 Acres; Mondavi Puts 1,500 Acres And Two Wineries On the Market; Coppola Pays A Record $350,000 Per Acre For Napa Vineyard.
U.S. funds grant for wine/health study

In an unprecedented breakthrough, the U.S. government's National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) provided the first major multidisciplinary programmatic grant to study the effects of moderate wine consumption on cardiovascular health to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).
Wine slightly better than beer for cardiac health

A recent article in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis determined that drinkers of wine benefit from its cardioprotective effects, more so than those who drink beer or other spirits, and wine drinkers may also live longer.