The French Press Coffee Maker Connoisseur Equipment

Ask any connoisseur how he likes his coffee. French Press Coffee Maker coffee is the answer you'll get, in nine cases out of ten. Coffee lovers all over the world mostly agree that the French Press Coffee Maker is the best equipment for brewing coffee. It preserves the full flavor of the oils, and delivers your favorite drink in a smooth, creamy and rich brew. A French Press Coffee Maker is essentially a tall narrow glass cylinder fitted with a plunger that includes a filter.

The coffee and hot water are mixed in the cylinder (usually for not more than a few minutes), and then the plunger, in the form of a metal foil, is pressed down, leaving the coffee at the top ready to be poured. A French Press Coffee Maker is also called a cafetiere, a 'plunger' or a 'press pot'. Using a French Press Coffee Maker, you can manually control the water temperature and exposure time that results in a steaming and tantalizing rich cup of coffee. There are several methods of brewing coffee - boiling (think Turkish coffee), pressure brewing (espresso being an example), drip brewing (as in the electric percolator), and steeping. The French press is an example of this last technology, and is said to preserve most of the natural aroma and flavor of the coffee beans.

High-quality French presses most often use conical burr grinders as their source of ground coffee, because these grinders rotate at low speeds (usually not more than five hundred revolutions per minute). This prevents the grinding from generating too much heat. Other methods that use faster grinding techniques stand the risk of heating the ground coffee too much, making the delicate flavoring oils to evaporate.


By: Randy Wilson


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The French Press Coffee Maker Connoisseur Equipment - Ask any connoisseur how he likes his coffee.

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