Steam Juicers And Health

Quality number one juicers offered when they came to market was speed. And that was a great benefit since we all need some extra few minutes during our busy days. But what marketing companies didn't tell you is that by cutting fruit and vegetables at high speed causes nutrient loss. High heat that develops burns them and you get less healthy food in return.

How can this be fixed? There is something better then the good old electric juicer. And this kind of juicer will squeeze your fruit and vegetables so you can have fresh, tasty and nutrient-full juice. The type of appliance that can provide this is a steam juicer. What exactly is steam juicer and how can you use it? You will be able to extract pure juice out of berries and grapes without cutting them - you will only need the power of steam.

The working principle is quite simple. There are two containers included within steam juicer. First one is at the bottom and it contains water which needs to be boiled. The other one is at the top and serves as a container for fruit and vegetables you will put inside the juicer. When water boils, it will release the juicer from the content and drip into the center of the pan. From there, it will be extracted through a small tube and sipped into another container of your choice.

It's actually the same system we use when making jellies. It's really easy to figure it out and even more easy to use the steam juicer. This means that your content will not be cut in any way, it will be drained with the power of steam and pressure. You won't have to worry about pitting, peeling or stemming your fruit and vegetables. It is quite interesting to prepare juicer with such a little effort and so little hassle.

Besides making healthy and tasty juices, steam juicers could also be used to make soup and preparing different sorts of meals. You can use it to drain noodles and lettuce, as a coolander or anything else you need to drain. Whatever comes to your mind, you can try and prepare it with a steam juicer. If you try to prepare rice, chicken, pudding or even cakes, you will see that this is a all-around appliance that will replace some of those you already have in the kitchen.

The best thing is it is really easy to use it and learn how to do it quickly. First you have to fill the bottom container with water and put the content inside the top container or colander portion. When you close the lid and turn on the heat, steam will create the right atmosphere for your fruit, slowly extracting the juice out of it.

Other types of food will also be treated like this and will be tender and tasty like never before. Eating healthy should be a priority for you and your family. It's easier then ever to gain some knowledge about it and to obtain resources. Steam juicer is just one of them, but it will offer plenty of benefits to you for a long time.

If you would like to find out more about steam juicers or a bit more about wheat grass juicers, drop by our site Juicer Guide.


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