The Quick Guide to Absinthe

A history, how to make it, and where to find it now Absinthe. Edgar Allen Poe wrote about it. Vincent van Gogh's paintings expressed his enjoyment of it. Julius Verne, Ernest Hemingway, and even Leonardo DiCaprio indulged in it. Absinthe, a strong alcoholic drink with a mix of herbs, from the Artemisia absinthium plant, has been popular throughout history. Dr.

Pierre Ordinaire appears to have been the inventor, creating the drink in 1792. However, there are documents that say a manufacturer was making it in the 1750's. While who and when the drink was made is not clearly known, what is true is that the Pernod Fils Absinthe company went into production in 1852 and helped to promote the Absinthe drink throughout Europe and other continents.

The drink did become very popular, perhaps made even more famous because of the many artists and writers who have attributed part of the success of their work to the drink. However, the erratic behavior of such famous people (such as Van Gogh cutting his ear off and sending it to a lover) became a focal point and it was banned in certain countries in the early 1900's. Sugar and Absinthe Absinthe is thought to be too strong and too bitter a taste for most people. The famous image of a sugar cube burning in a spoon above a glass of absinthe is linked in the minds of many people.

Mixing sugar and water in absinthe is very common. The drink is also mixed with other types of sugars and other ingredients in order to make different recipes. Absinthe recipes mainly include some form of sugar, some sort of dilution like water, and often an additional flavor, like orange or other liqueurs.

One should note that the sugar cube burning is also very dangerous. Obviously the high alcohol content in Absinthe is highly flammable and one should take caution in attempting it. The method of pouring water over a sugar cube is probably a bit safer.

Absinthe and Eccentric Behavior There have been a lot of assumptions about Absinthe and the effects it has on people. Absinthe has a very high level of alcohol, being in a range of around 190 proof. While there are rumors of it being a hallucinogen, the effects appear to be subjective per person. While some might have little to no effect other than getting drunk or a buzz from drinking quicker than from other drinks, some say they experience 'clarity' or a sense of everything being 'crazy'. In any case, it was for the crazy part that was basis for it's original banning in certain countries in the 1900's.

Some say it was the nature of the person, rather than the drink, and that the drink only gave them 'courage' or lowered inhibitions. Some say that right alcoholic drink could induce similar behavior, however it is still deemed banned in certain countries, including the United States. Why is Absinthe Illegal? Traditional Absinthe is banned from being sold in the United States. The product traditionally had thujone in it, which is said to be a drug causing psychoactive. A psychoactive drug primarily alters brain function, changing things like perception and mood. This is the famous altering state that some people have said to experience from drinking Absinthe.

Therefore anything containing thujone, like Absinthe, is considered illegal to sell. On top of that, it is not legal to distill herbs in alcohol in the United States, at least without a license. However, companies are now able to remove the thujone from the drink, thus enabling them to sell the alternated Absinthe.

You might find such bottles in a liquor store or for sale online. Traditional Absinthe is available over in Europe, but illegal to import to the United States. Thujone might be the cause of breaking down of your ability of your brain to function normally. It is said that those who drink traditional Absinthe are more than likely going to end up in an asylum with continued use. This is probably why many countries, and the United States Food and Drug Administration, continue to ban Absinthe, at least if it contains thujone. How are people able to get Absinthe in the United States? Well a handful of people smuggle it in, or make it themselves.

A few companies are selling Absinthe making kits as novelty items. Selling the kits as novelty items is not illegal. You can find kits being sold and you can do what you want with it. Just know what laws are in place in the United States, and you take your own risks. Absinthe Today While still feeling like an underground movement, more people seem to be able to get their hands on a kit to make their own Absinthe, or manage to get a different version of the product. One could probably thank the Internet for the ability to locate Absinthe kit makers, learning how to make it themselves by buying the ingredients separately, or locating people who make it and are willing to let them have some.

However they are finding it, the popularity of Absinthe is growing. Many people are also alerting others on Absinthe and writing articles, blogs and talking with people about the history and use of Absinthe. There are some groups hoping to talk to the FDA and hopefully change the laws about thujone and traditional Absinthe. It isn't clear whether the FDA is listening yet, continual movement toward a Absinthe culture has been rising anyway. It truly has become a culture. The culture does seem to be rather underground, never openly pronounced, and heavily in tune with the more gothic cultures.

Absinthe has become popular not just as a drink, but also as an icon. Images of Absinthe are made into clothing lines, as part of decorating items, and even into art and music. Will there be changes in the future regarding this famous drink? Maybe. For now, even while it is banned, it is still obtainable for those who like to might care to indulge.

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